Sunday, 6 October 2013

Freezone Company in UAE

               UAE is the home of most successful Freezones in the world, with each Freezone hosting around 4000 to 6000 companies. The political stability, safety & security, ease of doing business, government support and tax haven status has made UAE Freezones the most sought after location for investors worldwide.A company can be incorporated in 2 to 3 days, bank account in 4 days & Visas in 10 days make it a unique destination for being a trading hub of middle east. Investors can get the perfect professional service by AURION, Registered Agent of Freezones and they can be reached via website With the announcement of City for World Expo 2020, the company registrations in Dubai Freezones are poised for a huge growth, Syam Panayickal Prabhu, Senior Consultant at AURION Business Consultants said. 


  1. Hi,Exemption of corporate, personal, and value-added or withholding tax for Registered Agents in Qatar also ensures increased profitability.Thanks......

    1. After the announcement of world expo 2020, investors from other parts of the world are rushing to Dubai to register companies. Call us to guide you in the entire process - 00971504825561- Syam.

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    Businesses that are looking to expand into the UAE will find that there are two different ways for them to set up their company.
    One of which is within Free Trade Zones and the other, outside of these zones. The difference between the two is that within Free Trade Zones businesses
    are permitted to have full ownership, and businesses outside the Free Trade Zones will need do make an agreement with a local company or business man
    who will be then given fifty one percent ownership of the business.
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  3. Free-zones in Dubai are meant for foreign investors who wish to own their business 100% with no ownership sharing with UAE nationals. Recently there is a marked increase in the Free zone Company set up in Dubai.